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Thank you all for your opinions and testimonials, which you send through this web page. Your testimonials will be displayed on this site as a proof of our quality work.

Tim, 45 Arkansas  USA

I can personally say that  this works.  I met my Evicka online last May and we have spent 6 weeks together in the Summer and are about to spend Christmas and New Years together.  Czech women and smart, attractive and genuine.  I wish I had used your service and met Eva years ago.  I know that the service is not cheap but you must ask yourself, how much is your happiness worth?


Oyvind, 51 , Norway

I am so lucky that I have established a relationship with a woman presented from you agency! Thank you for finding   me my Slovakian princess. 

Keith, 49  California USA   

If you've already removed my profile from your website thank you. I am now married to a lady that I found on your site. We now have a child together. So please remove my profile as soon as   possible. I 

Stephen, 35  UK

I just wanted to thank you for helping me to meet Linda, who I have now being seeing for a number of months. We are very happy together as a result of finding each other from your agency. I will drop you a line in the future to let you know how the relationship is progressing. I am not sure if you still have my profile but if you do I would request that it is deleted along with Linda's but I think Linda has already contacted you regarding this. J

Mike, 45  Illinois   USA

Jitka, I think you need to cancel my next date on the 21st as I just got married to Jana three hours ago. Thanks  Mike

Omar, 41 Netherlands

Rodney and Jitka, 
I just wanted to send you a few photos of our wedding last week in Prague. We had a dream wedding at Villa Richter, overlooking the city with guests from 20 countries. 
I literally saw my dreams come true through your agency. 
Thanks for everything, 

Omar & Angelika 


 Hans, 64 Netherlands

Thank you for finding me my life partner. Marika and  Hans happy in Spain  :-) 
Guy,  35   France

I would like to thank you alot because thanks to you I have found the woman of my life ! I have been for 4 weeks in a serious relationship with Zdenka. I love her, she loves me and we are very happy since we are together. Once again thank you very much.


Rick, 48  Slovenia

Martina and me are so happy!  I will send you a postcard from our honeymoon.