How EE Matchmaker service works

We are  different in the way we work! We interview every man or woman that joins our agency so we get to know them and  are better able to match men and women up.  We are not just an email server that forward e-mails or profiles automatically. We are a matchmaking agency where you  work with real people who spend time and effort to understand your needs.  We do not have live chat or  do not charge per letter to write ladies. When you join our agency there are no hidden fees and you do not have to pay anything extra until your program is over.  Our priority is to maintain the highest standards of matchmaking services and first-class introduction.  We interview every lady before we take them in our agency and most of them we do not approve. We are an exclusive dating agency that specializes in introducing men from all over the world to Czech and Slovak women. We respect the privacy of both our male and female clients so each client has the option of having their profile online to the public or not. As a result of this before you are a paying member of our agency you only see a sample of our ladies as many ladies are only viewable by members.

When you register at our agency

When you register in our system, you create a personal profile that we will  show to the women you are interested in once you are a paying member of our agency. No one can see your profile but you and us until you are a paying client with our agency.  As a client you have the option of keeping your profile private and only shown to ladies you are interested in. You can look at a sample of some our ladies  when you register on our site but you will not be able to view the full database until you pay for a program. We only contact wishlists made by men that are paying clients of our agency. Once you have joined a program we will interview you personally over the phone so we can better match you up.

We get to know the ladies before we introduce them to you   

We wanted to explain how we think we can help our clients to find a partner. How we are able to match people up is by getting to know them. If we get to know our clients instead of seting up blind dates it is like we are introducing two friends of ours to each other. We are available to talk to our clients by phone, we also have  Skype. We need to know what are you looking for. We have brought many of our friends into the agency  and we can help you choose the ladies to find your match.  We interview all ladies before we take them in our agency and we only take ladies that we feel would be a good match with our clients. 

You can read profiles too but until you meet the person you don't know if there is chemistry. If we get to know you, we are able to match you with someone who has similar goals in life. This saves you the time and misery of meeting people that are at two different stages in their life. This is a process and even though we are a good matchmaker we are not going to find your life partner in one day. But if you join our agency, you will have a great chance at a priceless purchase by finding your partner. You can have everything in the world, but without a loving partner we think you have nothing. We have so many ladies here that are tired of rude, lazy and depressing Czech men. They want a foreigner to treat them nice and to build a life with. Register your profile, select a program and we can get started.

We understand each client has his own time requirements

All your life you can be busy at work, but you need to be able to have that special partner when you are off work. You can keep on being busy even over the next few months. That is what we are here for, to find you someone while you continue on your job and other things going on in your life as normal. Right now even though you might not be able to come to Prague or Bratislava for a while it gives us time to find you some great potential partners. You can communicate with us whenever you want by email, phone or skype. We will be looking for your matches and when you are ready to come we will have some great potential partners lined up. You are also looking in the right place  as Rodney and me found each other this way.


You can talk to an unlimited number of ladies by e-mail, phone or Skype. Only when you meet the lady in person  will it  be deducted from the number of successful meetings you have available. We will first contact every woman that you will select and would like to meet, and use your personal profile to introduce you to her. If she likes you, she will agree to meet you or or to give you her contact details. We will arrange the first date for you in one of the fine restaurants in Prague or Bratislava, or give you her contact details and you can talk to her about meeting you in her country or yours. The fact whether a woman agrees or not primarily depends on the information you entered during your registration, and on your photographs. The introduction can also be very positively influenced if you would like to send the lady flowers which we could assist you with.

Based on our experience, we constantly improve our services, and our greatest reward is to see a number of  happy relationships, weddings and babies.