Czech or Ukrainian women

Why should you choose Slovak or Czech women, not Ukrainian or Russian women, when looking for a relationship?

The Czech Republic is different from Ukraine or Russia. In Ukraine, Russia or  third world countries there are very few rich people and mostly poor people, so everyone dreams of being rich. This is why most ladies from these countries are just looking for immigration papers so they can pursue their dream of finding a rich man. In the Czech Republic there are few rich people, few poor people, and because of our Socialized state a huge middle class.  So Czech ladies usually dream of being upper middle class unlike Russians and Ukrainians who grow up dreaming of Diamonds and fur coats. This is the reason that Czech and Slovak ladies stay with their man because they are looking for a partner not a stepping stone.  I found my American husband Rodney  thru this matchmaking service and we have been married 6 years. I had found rich men thru the service but I wanted something real and a family and I found that with my husband. Czech and Slovak women are not Russian or Ukrainians and you are missing out if you do not join our agency and find your life partner here. Also Czech or Slovak women do not need a visa to go to the USA or Western Europe and can travel virtually anywhere without a problem. All of our Czech and Slovak ladies in our agency speak a foreign language and 99 percent speak English. Czech ladies and Slovak ladies are both European Union citizens and they can live and work in any country in Europe so they are not desperate Ukrainian ladies who want immigration papers to get out of their country.

It is much easier to find a Ukrainan lady as most just want immigration papers to get out of a horrible third world country. Our ladies are not desperate like Ukrainian ladies in fact most ladies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia don't want a foreign man. We have however thousands of ladies in our database that are tired of drunk, lazy Czech and Slovak men who would like to find a nice foreign partner.                                                                         

Prague is the most beautiful city in Eastern Europe and is a very safe and stable place as we are in the European Union. The Czech Republic is a very safe place unlike Ukraine.  America and the European Union have advised their citizens not to travel to Ukraine as it very dangerous. Bratislava the capital of Slovakia is also a  nice and friendly place to travel to and is located less then 1 hour from Vienna, Austria one of world's most beautiful cities.


 So do not hesitate  to contact and join us so we can find your partner!