Find a Czech or Slovak wife

                                                                                                                                                                             Many men ask what country they should travel to find their foreign partner. I am Rodney a 52 year old American who quit dating American women 17 years ago and traveled all over Eastern Europe looking for a partner. I found my Czech wife Jitka this way.  She is  34 and is from Moravia (the East of the Czech Republic). My wife has a masters degree, is beautiful on the inside and outside, comes from a great family her brother is a doctor, and is a great mother to our daughter. I never would have found my wife in America  and she is a fantastic matchmaker and life coach.

There are only 6 countries in Eastern Europe where ladies do not need a visa to come to the USA. They are the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and the Baltic States(Estonia, Latvia,and Lithuania).  In the Baltic States their cultures are very similar to Russia and Ukraine as there are many Russian speaking people. Their cultures are not a good fit for western men from USA, Canada, or Western Europe as you would have the same cultural and language problems that men have with ladies from Ukraine or Russia. I spent time in Estonia and had terrible experiences there. 

If you are single man and want to change your life for the better quit dating women in your country, quit wasting your time and money with ladies in the Ukraine and make the best decision of your life like I did. Join our agency and meet Czech and Slovak ladies. My wife  is my best friend, partner, and soulmate and for the last 3 years she has worked as a matchmaker and has made countless couples. We are ready to work with you and find your partner like we did.

Here are our experiences after living and traveling in these 2 countries the last 5 years. You cannot sterotype everyone but we have had much experience with ladies from different regions and here are our observations and generalizations.

As for age of ladies most of our ladies like older men but this is not the Ukraine our ladies are looking for a partner not immigration papers so not so much older. As for age ladies 15 to 20 years younger is a realistic age range where you can find your partner. Ladies under 25 are generally looking for fun. Ladies 25 to 35 looking to start a family and ladies over 35 just looking for a nice partner.

As for where to go to find a partner Prague and Bohemia ( Western Czech Rep) has changed greatly in the 5 years . If someone comes here now they would never realize that Prague is Eastern Europe. This is a Central European city that is only 5 years behind London and Paris, where everyone speaks English and I would consider it America lite. Prague ladies are very educated, classy, and have great language skills.  The good thing about that is that Prague ladies would easily be able to adapt to life in America, Canada, and Western Europe as culturally it would not be so different. The down side is these ladies are much more selective and are more demanding  then ladies from areas farther East. In Prague and Bohemia the area is the second most athiest area in the world next to Denmark.

In Moravia the East of the Czech Republic where the capital is Brno the area is more rural and the ladies much friendlier. This is the area of the country where my wife is from. We have an apartment in Moravia and Prague so I can talk about the differences. In Moravia it is beautiful wine country and looks similar to Tuscany in Italy. The ladies are  warm, friendly  and more open then people are in Prague and Bohemia where people are much more to themselves and colder. Ladies are more jovial and drink more in this region. In general the area is 25 years back in time to USA or western Europe. There are many Christians and Catholics in Moravia and it is much more religious then Bohemia. Many ladies want to leave from here and many of them will travel the 2 and half hours to Prague to meet men who cannot travel here like my wife Jitka did.

The biggest kept secret is Slovakia because such few travelers go there. The capital city is Bratislava while it is not as beautiful as Prague  the women are just as beautiful if not more so.  Slovak women are very nice, sweet and tend to be very open and have more passion then Czech people. The country is heavily Catholic and religious. The reason this country is not well traveled is because of poor air service. The reason for that is  Vienna, Austria airport is less then 1 hour away so the easiest way to get there is fly to Vienna and take the shuttle to Bratislava. Ladies from Slovakia are very proud to be Slovak and do not like to be compared to Czechs.  Very few of them will make the 4 and a half hour trip to visit men in Prague, they expect men to visit them in Bratislava. If you want to be real adventuresome you could go to the East of Slovakia in the mountian town of Kosice where ladies are really not spolied by western feminism. In general Bratislava is 20 years back in time to the western world while the East of Slovakia is 40 years back in time.

I know the best thing I ever did in my life was joining a matchmaking agency to find my Czech wife  and now I have the   family I  always wanted. 

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